by grum

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A collection of songs spurted out over a short period of time, bare, ragged, naked, honest. We all have ghosts, we all are ghosts.


released September 26, 2012

Written, sung, played & produced by grum september 2012.



all rights reserved


grum Ireland

time for now, but first..
In the past §rum has worked with the likes of Jerry Fish, Mick Flannery, Kaplin, Stagger Lee/ The Dagger Lees, Von Bondies, Bic Runga, Cathy Davey, Leo Pearson, Deetrich, Mick Pyro, Gavin Glass et al.
He is currently collaborating with the supreme Jerry Fish, & they are nearing completion on a slinky new album & thrilling all with the beast that is the skeleton crew show.
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Track Name: if you were raised right you'd be aware.
if you were raised right you'd be aware.

opened the paper today on a whim
it's all bombs & murder & who's suing who
if it's anti-semitic you are well then we've all become jews
suckling at the teat of money
greeding up every bit
there's explosions in the town of kabul
& transgenders are taking a hit

if it's raised right you were
if you were raised right you'd care
if it's raised right you were
if you were raised right you'd be aware

there's worry over the state of tibet
self immolation & a nations regret
funerals for terrorists & earthquakes rumbling from the abyss
six killed in a blast at NATO hq
in afghanistan
election countdown needs an edge
& I'm a worried worried man

There's no bad children only parents
is what daddy used to say
I can see his point when I see how much consultants get paid
if this is the way it's going to go
I want no part of it
I'll walk with the ghosts & pass you by
as you sink in your own shit.
Track Name: a mothers love is nothing more than two hearts on the line.
a mothers love is nothing more than two hearts on the line.

I would take her dancing if I thought she'd go with me
to feel her arms wrapped round tight, each immersed in both our charms
silent in a wondrous gaze, an existentialist mist
timeless in a perfect love
where the ghost can't get in

believe me when I tell you now, I don't know what we've done right here
we've severed ties collapsed & died, each entangled in our own binds
dreaded is the night time slump, even worse the wakening
it's times like these you don't need to be around
I'm glad that we've become friends

There's a kiss upon her lips I send her every night
I wonder does she feel it as I send it on
does her blanket warm her snugly & keep her safe at night
as I lie here & hold her, softly & closer
but I'm only dreaming
I wish I didn't come apart at the seams

We talk all night this last short while, through the ether into flat screens
I want to see her face & eyes alight, each present in the sae place
to hear her voice a woman strong, & gentle at the same time
a mothers love is nothing more
than two hearts on the line.
Track Name: faith, hope & charity.
faith, hope & charity

faith & I went to the river, down to the river to watch them go by,
these are the bodies of your enemies floating, watch them as they drift on by

the rising tide will carry them all away
from their graves

hope & I went to the hilltop, high oh high to watch the blaze
these are the houses of your enemies here burning, watch that flaming fireball raze

the rising pyre will carry them all away
from their graves

here they come the thunderheads, here they come the lightning bolts
here it comes the ground is trembling, here they come the countless ghosts

charity & I went to the churchyard, into the church to question why
here are only lies of the spirits they are trading, watch them as they multiply

the rising ire will carry you all away
to your graves.
Track Name: lullabye, (be all that you can be).
I placed some flowers at your mothers grave
beneath the dirt now she rests safe
I'm so sorry for your loss, we never stop to count the cost
before the price gets too much to pay
we are lost before we are saved, & some are never saved,
some are never saved

Darling, it's not you, or me.
Darling, be all that you can be, all that you can be.

Beneath the tension that was laid
lies a love that could be saved
with intent we could stop the rot, who are the haves & have nots
would you rather go without
chasing ghosts with a painful pout, It doesn't suit you now it's clear
just come over here